Cardamom & Rose Shortbread

Cardamom and rose are tricky flavours to work with. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea and do have a habit of over-powering recipes if you get a little heavy-handed. But this is no reason to run in the opposite direction, because when they come together, boy do they sing!

I think that the sweet buttery shortbread, especially with the addition of custard powder, works so beautifully to compliment the cardamom and rose. They’ll melt in the mouth, leaving you with a wonderfully fragrant finish.

If you are a bit nervous, then maybe leave out the dried rose petals and reduce the cardamom seeds slightly, which will result in a more subtle but equally lovely flavour.


RECIPE: Cardamom & Rose Shortbread

SOURCE: A Spoonful of Sugar

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Fragrant, soft and crumbly

GOES GREAT WITH: Perfect in the afternoon with a spot of tea. Chai tea would be wonderful with these shortbread. See my Afternoon Tea

NOTES: I used a basic Custard Shortbread recipe to make these.



  • 125g (4.4oz) BUTTER, softened
  • 40g (1.4oz) POWDERED SUGAR, sifted
  • 50g (1.8oz) CUSTARD POWDER
  • 100g (3.5oz) PLAIN FLOUR
  • 2 tsp. ROSEWATER


  1. Put the DRIED ROSE PETALS and CARDAMOM SEEDS into a pestle & mortar and grind to a very fine powder.
  2. Whisk the BUTTER, SUGAR and ROSEWATER together until light and fluffy.
  3. In a separate bowl, add the FLOUR, CUSTARD POWDER and CARDAMOM-ROSE-MIX. Give it a good stir with a small whisk or fork so that all the flavourings are evenly distributed.
  4. Add the FLOUR-MIX to the butter and gently mix it in until it is just combined and you have a soft dough. Chill for 20 minutes and preheat the oven to 180c.
  5. Pinch off a spoonful of mixture at a time. Roll into a ball and place on a lined baking sheet. Press each one down slightly to flatten and be sure to leave a few inches gap in between to allow for spreading.
  6. Bake for 13 minutes. Let them sit on the baking sheet for a minute before removing them to a wire tray. Enjoy when cooled.
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