Treacle Tart Truffles

What is it about treacle tarts that makes me feel all misty-eyed and nostalgic? It’s certainly not the nightmarish memories of the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, tempting children with “treacle tart… all free today”. Ugh, even writing that line makes me shudder.

Could it be because it’s Harry Potter’s favourite dessert? As a lover of that magical world (and wannabe wizard), it certainly adds to the warmth. But my adoration for treacle tarts started way way before Harry Potter made our planet a better place. Probably around the time of school dinners and visiting nan and grandad on the weekends. Special times.

Here, I have poshed-up the humble treacle tart a tiny bit, by making it slightly more grown-up. That, or I’ve made it easier to make, easier to eat and easier to take EVERYWHERE. Surely that’s a good thing, right? Right?! You can thank me later, but for now — go make yourself a batch of these! I promise, you won’t regret it!

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RECIPE: Treacle Tart Truffles

FLAVOUR PROFILE: It’s all the flavours of a treacle tart – sweet, sticky, lush goodness – wrapped up in milk chocolate! Bliss.

GOES GREAT WITH: It’s perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon, unless you finish eating them by the time the kettle’s boiled. True story.

NOTES: You can’t beat Golden Syrup, when it comes to making treacle tart filling. But I know from experience that it can be difficult to get your hands on in various parts of the world. I found a bookshop that sells it here in Zurich, so I STOCKED UP! But, if you are yet to find a reliable syrup-dealer, you could replace the Golden Syrup in this recipe for Maple Syrup.

MAKES: 15 truffles


  • 70g (2.5oz) FRESH WHITE BREAD, blitzed to crumbs
  • 200g (7oz) GOLDEN SYRUP
  • ½ LEMON, juice only
  • 30g (1oz) ROLLED OATS
  • 1 small EGG, beaten
  • 60g (2.1oz) SHORTBREAD, blitzed to crumbs
  • 150g (5.3oz) MILK CHOCOLATE, melted
  • EDIBLE GOLD DUST, for decorating (optional)


  1. Add the BREADCRUMBS, GOLDEN SYRUP, LEMON JUICE, ROLLED OATS and BEATEN EGG in a saucepan, and give it a good stir. Turn the heat to medium, and cook the mixture for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes and then stir in the SHORTBREAD CRUMBS.
  3. Place in the fridge for half an hour. Then, roll into balls and arrange on a lined baking sheet. Chill for a further half an hour.
  4. Dip the chilled balls into the melted CHOCOLATE and make sure they’re evenly covered. I did this by resting a truffle on a fork, submerging it in the chocolate, spooning some more chocolate over the top with a teaspoon and then tapping the fork on the edge of the bowl to get rid of the excess.
  5. After each one has been covered, carefully slide them back onto the baking sheet. Then sprinkle with the GOLD DUST, if desired. Put in the fridge to set, which takes about an hour and then enjoy!
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