Leftover Panettone Pudding

BREAD PUDDING: REMASTERED! This recipe is very similar to a Bread Pudding, but I’ve just turned it up a little because it’s Christmas. I had a load of leftover panettone and decided to use it in place of the bread, and it did a wonderful job of soaking up all those lovely flavours. I also…

Cranberry Bakewell Tart

A FABULOUS ‘LEFTOVER CRANBERRY SAUCE’ RECIPE! This is a lovely recipe for using up that leftover cranberry sauce languishing in the back of the fridge. If you are using shop-bought cranberry sauce, double-check that it doesn’t contain any vinegar. In which case, substitute for your favourite jam. Alternatively, you could make your own cranberry sauce….

Leftover Turkey Chilli

THIS IS SUCH A GREAT WAY TO USE UP LEFTOVER TURKEY! Spicy and comforting with hints of sweetness and smoke, you can make a large or small batch. It’s as easy as throwing all the ingredients in a pan and you can play around with what you use and how daring you are with spice….

Chicken, Mango & Paneer Curry

My dad hails from the beautiful island of Mauritius and so growing up, delicious curries with exotic spices made up our evening meal as often as fish and chips or steak and kidney pie. That’s why I feel so lucky, because I grew up around the unusual, the colourful and the outlandish. I wasn’t afraid…

Twelfth-Night Bolognese

At the end of Christmas, I find that the last thing left dwindling in the back of the fridge is cheese. Cheese that proudly graced many-a-board or was ruthlessly pilfered at in the dead of the night when you’re standing in your pyjamas using the fridge light to salaciously break away nuggets of the good…